I’ve neglected Tumblr for a while, so to make it up to you all, I’m giving you all a sneak peek at this awesome page from our second issue of Princeless! It’s probably my favourite page so far.
Words by princelesscomic, art by unassumingpumpkin and me.

I love the way the-untempered-prism pairs the Eleventh Doctor with Rose. I always picture him with River, but it’s cool to remember how Rose will always hold a place in his hearts :)

"Don’t worry, I’ll tell you when he does."
Today’s warmup for morriganfearn who meme’d me on my main account for Merlin and a friend. Don’t you two have chores to be doing??

CollegeHumor explains Net Neutrality ↗



Mermaid ring!

Dear future wife: this is what you give to me when it’s wedding times.